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It gets kind of hectic here, but we like it for the most part - probably most for the people we get to meet.

Meet the Mombergers

Top Image: Kathy & John, 1982
Bottom Image: Kathy & Mark, 2019

Mombergers Deli - Second Generation - 4 Decades of Fresh Food
Mombergers Deli - East North St - Geneva NY
Mombergers Deli - Over 40 Years of Fresh Food in the Finger Lakes
Finger Lakes Delicatessen - Mombergers in Geneva NY
Mombergers Deli Geneva NY

The Deli

Momberger's. Serving the best subs in town since 1982 - according to anyone you ask.

A family affair, Kathy & John Momberger opened the doors to Momberger’s Grocery Store & Submarine Sandwich Shop in 1982. With four of their seven children as natural employees, the family inaugurated what would be an enduring staple on East North Street in Geneva for the last 42 years and counting.

It was the year when the world was introduced to E.T – The Extra Terrestrial, listened to Michael Jackson’s new Thriller album and read the first edition of USA Today. Eggs were sold at Momberger’s for $.84 a dozen and Kathy, John and the kids were busy making homemade sauces, sandwiches and salads. Becoming especially popular with local factory workers at lunch, the narrow and homey-feeling building took on the “little country store” personality Kathy always felt it looked like.

It is through the family’s shared vision that has consented to the business’s success. In 1984, John was quoted in the Finger Lakes Times, saying: “It gets kind of hectic here, but we like it for the most part – probably most for the people we get to meet“. Some twenty-six years later, his son Mark (who took over the business with sister Kathy in 2007) was quoted in the Times – when asked what was attributed to Mombergers’ prosperity – saying: “Maybe because there’s more of a friendly feeling in here. It’s intimate. Small-town people can relate to us“.

And so it has been and still is. A family tradition and value system that has translated into the business’s core values: Take care of each other and put out quality food. It’s that simple. It’s the recipe for their success. The values are so strong that they even stood the test of John’s 1984 belief that: “The days are gone where there was a family tradition, where the father passed the business on to the son and so forth. It would be nice if it happened, but really those days are going“. Well, John, they’re not gone yet.

Around 1994, John posed a question to the kids as to how Momberger’s could add a cheese burger to the menu. The catch, though, is that he didn’t want a grill nor deep fryer. After a little thought, daughter Kathy crafted what is now the deli’s signature sub (aptly named) THE MOMBERGER: Seasoned loose ground beef is loaded into a fresh sub roll and a deluge of toppings and cheese round out the winning recipe.

In 2007, Mark and Kathy officially took over Momberger’s from their parents. Change wasn’t necessary. They had the winning formula. Why change it?

Now, in 2024, Momberger’s is still known for The Best Subs in Town – whether picked up or delivered. In case you’re wondering, there still isn’t a grill or deep fryer.

The tradition continues.

Maybe because there's more of a friendly feeling in here. It's intimate. Small-town people can relate to us

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