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The Momberger. A Cheeseburger Sub. The result of seasoned sub makers signing ground beef with a signature seasoning crafted to perfection for decades. After all, once a legacy is created, it must be maintained.

Best Subs in Geneva - Mombergers


three sizes • hot & cold

The Best Subs in Town since 1982, Momberger’s in Geneva is still a hotspot for lunch and dinner each weekday. Enjoy fresh meats, cheeses, and ingredients on freshly-baked rolls – offered in three sizes.


freshness • flavor

Indulge your taste buds with our mouthwatering selection of fresh sandwiches, crafted with the finest ingredients and bursting with irresistible goodness. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite on your lunch break or planning a get together, our fresh sandwiches are the ultimate choice for any occasion. 

Mombergers Lunch Sandwiches Delivered in Geneva
Wraps and Sandwiches - Geneva NY - Mombergers Lunch and Dinner


wheat wraps

At Momberger’s Deli, we believe in crafting culinary experiences that tantalize taste buds and leave our customers craving for more. Introducing our mouthwatering selection of Fresh Wraps, meticulously prepared to elevate your dining experience to new heights. Each wrap is a masterpiece of flavors, carefully curated with the freshest ingredients sourced from local farmers and trusted suppliers. From crisp lettuce to succulent meats and vibrant veggies, every bite bursts with freshness and quality.

Mombergers Daily Lunch Special - Geneva NY


options change daily | subject to weather | prices vary

Hot Plate, Sub Specials &
Hot Soup of the Day


crisp • convenient

Nourishment never tasted this good! Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, our salads offer a deliciously wholesome way to fuel your body and invigorate your senses. Say goodbye to wilted greens and soggy salads! Our salads are made to order, ensuring that each ingredient retains its crispness and vibrancy until the moment it reaches your door. It’s like a garden-fresh experience with every bite!

Fresh Salads Lunch Dinner in Geneva Mombergers
Sheet Pizza in Geneva NY at Mombergers

Sheet Pizza

half • whole

Indulge in our mouthwatering half and whole sheet pizzas! Perfect for sharing or satisfying your craving solo. Choose from a variety of delicious toppings piled high on your pie. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply treating yourself, our pizzas are sure to please every palate. Order now and experience the ultimate slice of satisfaction!

Deli Platters & Sub Trays

Made to Order

Indulge in our delicious deli platters and sub trays, perfect for any occasion! Our carefully crafted deli platters feature an array of premium meats, cheeses, and freshly baked bread, sure to satisfy any palate. Need a crowd-pleaser? Our sub trays boast an assortment of flavorful sandwiches piled high with your favorite toppings. Elevate your next gathering with our irresistible deli delights!

Premium Roast Beef - Sliced Fresh Daily - Mombergers

the deli dish

questions we hear a lot: answered.

Call us at 315 789 5855 with any other questions you have – we’re here to help!

A deli sub is a sandwich made on a long roll or baguette, filled with various meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments. At Momberger’s, we offer three size options to satisfy most appetites. 

A Momberger’s wrap uses a soft, whole wheat flatbread rolled around its ingredients, while a sandwich uses slices of bread to contain its fillings.

Common custom customer subs include turkey, ham, roast beef, chicken, tuna, vegetables, cheese, and various spreads plus condiments.

Our whole grain wraps paired with lean proteins, lots of vegetables, and no high-calorie dressings or condiments.

Choosing lean proteins like chicken or turkey, loading up on vegetables, and choosing mustard or a light vinaigrette over mayonnaise or creamy dressings will be a low to-go.

The difference is largely regional terminology; they all refer to similar large sandwiches made with a variety of fillings on a long roll.

Potato chips, macaroni salad, pasta salad, bacon potato salad, and pickles nicely compliment deli fare – and are all right here at Momberger’s!

Light and refreshing beverages like iced tea, lemonade, or sparkling water complement sandwiches and wraps well.

Yes, you can customize your all sandwiches with your choice of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments.

Delivery is made available within the Greater Geneva area in the Finger Lakes. Delivery orders are accepted until 6:30 PM weekdays. Takeout (pickup) orders may be picked up at the deli counter until 7:00PM, Monday – Friday.